Thursday, 26 December 2013

Xmas & Boxing Day

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and shop like mad Boxing day (As I did).

 These gold nails belong to Emily Fisher, but she should of had these bad boys instead. As Fishee Designs is all about pink and sparkles! but I had it done on my nails (mwahahha).

  Love Him and my family.

Me after a few glass of wine. CHEESE.

My baby girl Eva is growing up so fast.

I have fallen in love with the Fossil shop since last year; they have watches and bracelets, yet I'm not a big fan of their bags as I think its a little mature for my taste. I brought a gold watch last year but I thought I want a white one this year and few other bits.

Brought my first pair of GHD's hair straightener, its so cute and there was so many colours to choose from. I am very impress with it; heats up very fast yet not too hot so it doesn't damage my hair but I try not to straightener my hair everyday.

Now looking forward to the New Year.

Kaycie x

Christmas and Anti-Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone...

This is my first Christmas blog post. I do love the Christmas spirit, everyone is so lovely and giving. I am always so grateful for the amazing clients I have, they always give me cards and chocolate.

This time of year it is manic and I hardly have time to take pictures of the nails, I did manage to take a few just before the mad rush. Especially this year the nail world is so massive, many high street brand have their own line of nail polishes and we love Barry M cosmetic nail paints. We love it so much we brought all the polishes they had.

Barry M can be brought online, Superdrug stores and Boots in the UK

Here is a mix of different Christmas nails and anti-Christmas nails. I also found Tartan is a big trend in fashion and now on nails.

Kaycie x

Friday, 6 December 2013

A Glitter Christmas

Christmas is nearly here! and its going to be hectic. Everyone wants beautiful nails for Christmas and New Years and especially this year I have notice that glitter is the craze. As the nails industry is becoming more mainstream, now there are so many make-up brand  that have their own nail polish line. The most exciting thing is nails is not just about having a nice colour its about the art work on them. Here are my first bunch of xmas nails. 


Here are some snowflake nails, they are so pretty.

Kimmy's nails and beauty, where I work has also put up some decoration for Christmas.


My pink glitter nails is with MISA nail lacquer and BarryM glitter nail paint.  It is such a cute colour much warmer than all silver.

 The bells and baubles design is inspired by the lovely nails artist Daily Nails (Facebook link)

Most of the snowflakes are stickers which I brought of Ebay.

Kaycie x

Fun at Fishee Design

Me and Emily from Fishee Designs had dinner and did a little nail session at her place. I completely fall in love with her house, she has the most random layout but it just all works! 

This is her christmas props for her photo booth and I couldn't help but take some pictures. It was so much fun, I can see why people love photo booths.

Emily has these speaker that is made from a vintage suitcase, OMG thats the coolest speakers I have ever seen. Top right is her painted vintage hand clock. Bottom left is her brick wallpaper which is little different. Bottom right is here bath room comic wallpaper which is wicked because I am obsess with Comics and anime. 

Finally this is a result of her nails, as we had a glass of wine and beer during this session. These are base on christmas however they are pink because Emily loves pink and glitter. I used some snowflake and lace stickers with a Models Own 'Buff pink' base and glitter polish from Barry M 'Jewels Glitter nail paint - Rose Quartz' 

Kaycie x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Instagram Best Nail Artist by Shedonism

I am so excited, today Valeria Lodice from Italy has written a blog of the 'Instagram Best Nail Artist' and I AM IN IT!!! How amazing is this? I feel so honoured, I can finally say I feel like my work is good enough! 

( Go on Link to see the Nails post, there are lots of other lovely nails artist. )


She is writer at Shedonism and CEO of 'Muses in the spotlight'. She also has her own personal blog ( Here. However it is in Italian which i cant read ) 

Kaycie x

Monday, 2 December 2013

The story of my Job

This is basically what my life (aka job) is like! I think most nail technician would think so... When I saw this I just couldn't stop laughing. 

Kaycie x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

London Winter Wonderland

At the end of November I took a trip to London with my children, for my son Kyle's 6th birthday. We went to Winter Wonder in Hyde Park, it was amazing but definitely much better at night as all the light was on. I would say its one of those places the children need to be 4 + as Eva was only 15 months old she could not go on much, and honestly Winter Wonderland is for us "The big kids". 

As I use to live in London, I love going back to visit my family and friends. 

 Kayice xx

Nails of November

Here are my favourite nails of November.

Nude : A classic colour nail varnish. It is one of those colours you can wear all year round. This picture is of Sue's nails, she a big lover of leopard print and gold and I think this combination is perfect. 

This is my nails, again a nude polish however this tone is a bit more creamer. I love nude,black and gold they always work so well together. I used some gold spike in this set which I brought of Ebay.

This is Alice May's nails. The shape of her nails are oval but with this black 
design it gives her nails a more slimming look. Because pointy stiletto nails are not for everyone.

I also found this season everyone is into black and white nails and in fashion. The style is very strong and easy to go with any outfit, that is why everyone loves it

 Nevertheless not everyone likes just two colours on their nails. Bethan's nails are more the summer colours, she said "these colours make me feel happy" which I think is very true. Bright colour polishes can make you feel uplifted if you are feeling down.