Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March Best Nails

Hi everyone. These is all the best nails of March 2014, as you can see there are more colours now as the British weather is getting warmer and summer is getting nearer. Happy Days.

Do you like the paint underneath the nails? also known as Louboutin nails.

Kaycie x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Louboutin Nail Trend

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. On this post I will be talking about Louboutin nail trend, as everyone knows Louboutin shoes are famous for their red bottom soles. Therefore there is a fashion craze for Louboutin nails, this is were the trend is to paint the under-nether of the nail. 

 The lovely Adele wearing Louboutin style nails.

Taditionally Louboutin nail style is with red, but I have been experimenting with different colours and gems.


What colour would you have?

Kaycie Kyle x