Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Semi-permanent Eyelash Exenstion

History of false eyelash extension:
The invention and use of false eyelashes began in 1916 when director D.W. Griffith was making his film Intolerance. He wanted actress Seena Owen to have lashes "that brushed her cheeks, to make her eyes shine larger than life." The first false eyelashes were made of human hair woven through fine gauze by a local wig maker. They were then attached to Owen's eyes.

Eyelash extension is now a every treatment, like our nails and hair extension. I first trained in 2012 with a company in Clifton Bristol, at first it wasn't very well known and was very much a "treat"  for some, however it has become so popular now and everyone wants to have beautiful long thick lashes. 

I purchase my lash products from The Eyelash Emporium. I love using the loose individual lashes in the pot, I find it much easier but some like to use the tray lashes. I also find their lash glue is the best and last unlike soem other brands i have used.

Here are some lovely eye lash extension I have done. 


Have you tried eye lash extension?

Kaycie x

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