Thursday, 13 February 2014

Models Own Sale

Oh my god! My Models Own polishes had finally arrived after nearly two weeks of waiting! Models Owns is nail polish and make up brand, I love their brand from the packing to the bright coloured make-up tools and I am definitely a sucker for BRIGHT pink things. Anyway moral of the story is I went a little crazy when they had their "Half-price" sale, I brought nearly 70 polsihes. And here they are.....

 Models Own Furry Friendly
 "Our approach to animal testing is simple. We don't do it. We don't test our finished products or ingredients on nay animal. End of.

 1. Golden peach 2.Green flash 3.Copper pot 4.Gold rush

 1. Magenta Divine 2.Bluebelle 3.Scarlet sparkle

 1.Disco heaven 2.Bora bora 3.Hedonist 4.Beach party

 Hayley's comet 2.Mystic mauve 3.Purple blue 4.Brozen rage

 1.Amethyst 2.Valerian 3.Sardonyx

 Nail art pen in Gold Black and White

 Matt top coat

 1.Grape juice 2.Banana split 3.Blueberry muffin 4.Strawberry tart 5.Aplle pie

 1.Disco inferno 2.Freak out 3.Boogie night

 1.Coral reef 2.Sophie's pink

 1.Blizzard 2.Pink fizz 3.Juicy jules

 1.Aqua violet 2.Disco mix 3.Mixed up

 1.Peach puff 2.Snow white 3.Nude beige

 1.Sparkler 2.Blizzard 3.Southern lights

 1.Champagne 2.Indian ocean 3.Sterling silver 4.Snowflakes

1.Toxic apple 2.Luis lemon 3.Pukka purple 4.Bubblegum

 1.Red lustre 2.Coral glaze 3.Pink veneer

 1.Purple imperial 2.Tropical sun 3.Pinky brown

Do you like Models Owns products? 

Kaycie x

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