Sunday, 5 January 2014

Black & White

HELLO. Hope everyone has had a lovely start to the year. I went out, got drunk and ate Chinese food at 2am to start the year hahaha. I am always hungry after hours of drinking, I'm hungry full-stop.

So I have notice the "Black and white" fashion trend is becoming big in the nail world. I brought my black and white Ted Baker bag last September and ever since I have deisgn many black and white nails. Black and white is very strong against each other, the designs stands out and is super effective. Here are so of the nails I have done. Enjoy.
This photo is actually from 2012, the first black and white design I did for Melissa Mathews.

This set was base on my clients love for Harry Potter, she had the "sign of the Deathly Hallows" tattoo on her foot so I suggest dong it on her nails. She loved it and I think its pretty cool as a nail design.

 This design was base on glamsusie nail art from Instgram. She is a great nail artist, her designs are feminine and pretty, with lovely floral designs.

 This nail design has a neon yellow and it makes it super cool looking. The nail design below is base on the one above. 

 This cute nail design was redesign by the celebrity nail artist Leah Light.  She did an awesome job, I was so honoured to see another great nail artist re-do my work. Thank you Carrie.C for letting me do this design.

This is by Leah Light.

Kaycie x

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